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Valaisanne Biere Blanche Aemrich Valaisanne Biere Blanche Aemrich

Valaisanne Biere Blanche Aemrich


Valaisanne_Biere_Blanche_Aemrich_33cl Valaisanne_Biere_Blanche_Aemrich_33cl


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VALAISANNE Blanche (Wheat)

The VALAISANNE Blanche (Wheat) appears with a satin, light yellow color and a magnificent, natural yeast turbidity.

Due to the hop addition of the noble aroma of the Amarillo hop to the young beer, the mild clove and tender yeast notes of the wheat beer mix with the fruity apricot and citrus notes of the hops to form a successful mélange. The full-bodied Blanche wheat finishes with a fine, mild bitterness.

12.1 Original wort in % GG
5.5 Alcohol in % vol
19 Organoleptic bitter value in BE
11 Colour in EBC


Valaisanne_Biere_Blanche_Aemrich_33cl 4x33cl