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The original Craft Brewery in the heart of Valais.

Valais pride paired with an open spirit! This is the Valais brewery in Sion. The brewery always focused on its compatriots - according to the motto: best of Valais for the whole country! The oldest brewery in the Valais simply belongs to the canton like the Rhone, the Apricot and the Matterhorn.

It all began over 150 years ago with the Dutch pharmacist Maurice de Quay, who founded the brewery in Sion in 1865. He named it after the quarter in which it still stands today: Saint-Georges. With this he laid the foundation for what is now known as Brasserie VALAISANNE. Only recently the new microbrewery was put into operation, which allows us to produce experimental beers, which are regularly sold in small batches as "Limited Edition".